Small Mammals

Proper housing is a major factor in the care of every small mammal. Most do very well with enclosures made of wire and durable plastic. Wood should not be used because it is difficult to clean, nor should glass as it does not allow for proper ventilation.

Bedding should be a type of shredded paper (such as Care Fresh). It should not consist of wood shavings that can harbor mites and molds.

Food, including plenty of fresh timothy hay and fresh, clean water, must be available to small mammals at all times.

For these small mammals, Calvert Veterinary Center recommend semi-annual physical exams at our office and a weekly home exam to check your pet's teeth, ears, coat, nails, and stools. Unfortunately, rabbits (as well as our other small mammal pets) prefer to hide their symptoms of illness until they become very sick. Call us at 410-360-7297 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.