Fear Free Techniques

Calvert Veterinary Center is dedicated to using fear free techniques when treating your pets. Fear free techniques are a transformative initiative for our companion animals helping them maintain a high level of emotional well-being, enrichment and the reduction of fear, anxiety and stress when undergoing examinations and treatments.

Some services, such as nail trimming, can cause a high level of anxiety in your pets. The doctors and staff at Calvert Veterinary Center have been trained in fear free techniques that allow them to minimize your pets stress responses. By observing your pet’s body language and other physical cues, we ensure that your companion is as comfortable as possible during their examination and treatment. By utilizing positive reinforcement cues we are able to calm your pet’s stress level and help our patients get the care they need with as little discomfort as possible.

These techniques make all of us a lot happier, healthier and able to continue with the proper care our four legged friends and exotic pets need!