Calvert Veterinary Center Implements Cat Friendly Practice Program
The cat is king. We utilize new innovations to help even the scaredy cats come to our office while alleviating their owners fears as well. With cats being the most beloved pet in the country, there is a growing need to improve the health care and overall well-being of the feline population. Whether it’s a routine checkup or special visit, the staff at Calvert Veterinary Center is committed to ensuring that cats get the best care.

And, to further its dedication, the clinic recently implemented the Cat Friendly Practice (CFP) program to offer pet owners more at every phase of the cat’s health care process. “We are committed to providing quality care to our feline patients,” said Dr. Christine Calvert, DVM and Owner of Calvert Veterinary Center. “When we heard about the CFP program, we knew it was time to take a fresh look at the practice to determine what could be done to make the veterinary visit more positive for cats and cat owners.”